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Intro to Yoga with Children:
Tools for Home & Classroom

Interested in learning more about how to do yoga with your children or students? Do you want techniques for calming or focusing? Topics covered include sensory integration, behavior redirection, and how to utilize yoga and meditation to help children self-regulate and bring out their best selves. Workshop led by a classroom educator with over ten years experience working with children.

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Classes available for organizations/individuals

Kids Yoga

Yogis will learn breathing exercises, yoga games, working together as a team, and guided meditation to promote calm and focus in a setting for all abilities. Parents are always welcome to participate.

Baby and Family Yoga

Music and movement with a yoga twist! Practice yoga with your little one and bring some zen to your day!

Parent and Me Yoga for Kids with Autism/ADHD (All ages)

Kids Yoga in a sensory-friendly environment. Spend some quality yoga time with your child and learn strategies for calming, alerting and focus. Class is taught by a special education teacher with over ten years experience working with children with autism and ADHD.

Private Family Yoga

Private 1 on 1 yoga classes at your location or a local studio.